I don’t talk ‘musician talk’. I don’t know how to speak the exact terminology used in the studio to producers to communicate what I am essentially wanting for the song. For years, this ‘handicap’ held me back in the studio, never allowing me to  create the kind of music I was always aching to create. It sucked.
Then, I met Sal.

Sal spoke ‘West’…he listened intricately to all the ‘bells and whistles’ I was wanting and hearing in my head to suit the song properly. He understood everything I was trying to spit out, sonically, emotionally, everything. His talent is colossal, it’s big, and it’s brilliant. Anything Sal touches, he leaves a little piece of sparkle on earth. He is a soft spoken giant with an ear for putting the ‘beautiful’ back into song. He’ll never tell you he’s awesome, he just is. You can pretend to care, but you can’t pretend to show up. Sal cared. And Sal showed up. And now, I have the ”sparkle’ that I’ve always wanted in my hands. Finally. 

Emily West
Recording Artist, Songwriter, 2014 America’s Got Talent #2 Finalist